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A lifelong passion for nature and a developing interest in photography as a teenager ultimately led me into the photography program at The Southeast Center For Photographic Studies on the campus of Daytona Beach Community College in 2003. I have also attended Crealde School of Art in Winter Park and was awarded a Fellowship in their photography department.

As a freelance Travel photographer who has traveled to 61 countries, I focus on cultures, people, nature, and wildlife. However, as part of my employment with Disney World in Orlando, I practice in portraiture, studio, event, and commercial photography.

I feel strongly about community service, which is why I serve on the Board of A Childhood for Children and have provided pro bono services to the organization for their 270 plus projects in 15 countries.

Photographer’s Statement

I try to capture or build an image in a unique way or render a familiar image in the manner we are used to seeing it but improving upon what has come before. I want to elicit emotion from the viewer, and hopefully, even take them to the familiar or unvisited place I present.

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Contact me by phone at 407-437-6167 or via email.

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Contact me by phone at 407-437-6167 or via e-mail and place any special orders to purchase the prints. 

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